ORLANDO, FLORIDA (January 28, 2015) – One year after announcing a major alliance to aggregate worldwide golf data, and on the heels of releasing the first U.S./Japan Golf Market Report, the industry’s two leading independent research and data firms, Golf Datatech, LLC, and Yano Research Institute Ltd., have introduced World Golf Report 2015. A first-of-its-kind study, the report provides an in-depth global retail market summary based upon geography, size and economic significance of the $8.7 Billion Worldwide Golf Equipment Market.

Highlighting the study, data concludes that the world’s five largest golf markets represent over 80% of total equipment sales. Nearly 20 additional countries/regions account for the remaining world golf market, including Mexico, China, Germany, Australia and the Caribbean among others.

Among the unique findings for specific markets, individual product categories (i.e. clubs, balls, apparel, etc.) and other global trends, include:

  • The Top 5 World Golf Markets:  #1 United States; #2 Japan; #3 South Korea; #4 United Kingdom; #5 Canada.
  • Germany is the largest golf market in continental Europe.
  • China (including Hong Kong and Macau) is the 6th largest golf equipment market but is continually influenced by government regulation.
  • The US and Japan control over 65% of the world golf equipment market.

“Our collaboration with Golf Datatech continues to produce valuable data that serves to capture the size and scope of the world golf market, as well as individual countries/regions,” said Takashi Mizukoshi, President of Yano Research Institute Ltd. “As we now have a firm understanding of the two biggest golf markets, the U.S. and Japan, this World Golf Market Study is the next step in evaluating ongoing golf market trends around the world, especially those of developing countries where the future growth of golf is so important.”

“In creating this study we were able to aggregate hard data from select countries and combine that with soft data from expert sources across a range of global markets,” said Golf Datatech’s Tom Stine. “The overall information gathered enabled us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire global marketplace and develop an unbiased report that will serve as a benchmark for the golf industry on many levels. This is the first step in a process that will allow us to establish a footprint for global data collection that will speak to the game of golf well into the future.”

Adds Stine, “Golf is truly a worldwide sport, with the game being played in over 200 countries, but emerging markets for golf such as China, Southeast Asia, Central Europe and South America have just begun to realize their potential. Further, golf’s introduction into the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil will undoubtedly spark interest in the game worldwide. This global expansion of golf necessitates a need to have solid, consistent data to track growth and progress on all levels, from player participation to golf equipment sales. This will be our mission.”

For more information on the Golf Datatech-Yano Research Institute Ltd. alliance, as well as the World Golf Report 2015, please contact Golf Datatech at info@golfdatatech.com or call 888-944-4116.

About Golf Datatech, LLC

Golf Datatech, LLC (http://www.golfdatatech.com/) was established in 1995, and since that time it has become the industry’s golf standard for accurate and timely information on the retail sales, inventory, pricing, and distribution of golf products through the on and off course channels.  In 1998, the Company extended its reach into consumer research and strategic sales and marketing consulting.  In 2006, the Company expanded its retail and consumer research programs into the United Kingdom and in 2008 added markets in Europe.  Golf Datatech now produces the first-ever electronically driven golf retail sales reports for the UK, Sweden and Germany.

About Yano Research Institute Ltd.

Founded in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan, YANO Research Institute Ltd. (http://www.yanoresearch.com/) has been one of the most prominent full fledged market research and consulting firms in the country, with its geographical network increasingly extending to other Asian nations.  While conducting roughly 600 single client ad-hoc research studies and publishing more than 200 titles of market reports annually over a broad range of industries, YANO has earned unmatched competence especially in B2B market research based primarily on the solid relationship with critical market players in the business fields in question.  Along with other sports related businesses, the golf industry has been one of YANO’s most competitive fields of research for decades, delivering market intelligence of highest quality to its clients.


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