Exemplary customer service has been the key to the success

SAN DIEGO, California (Aug. 2, 2021) – With more than 220 new course partnerships formed in the past 19 months, Gallus Golf continues to be a leader in technology and marketing in the golf industry. Gallus provides top-notch customer service to its partners and finds ways to be an asset to over 800 golf courses around the world.

Gallus believes the key to their success has been exemplary customer service and Selkirk Golf & Country Club’s Mike Frost agrees. “The Gallus Team continues to be very insightful and able to resolve all the questions and issues we have. The best support we’ve received to date from any vendor!”

In addition to Frost, Mark Larrabee, PGA, of Eastman Golf Links recently said “The Gallus app is a powerful tool for our golf operation. They are constantly making meaningful upgrades to our app. Most importantly, the Gallus team truly cares about its customers. Their team is very professional, meets deadlines accurately, and assists us anytime we need it.”

Gallus Golf Chief Marketing Officer, Rob Hoffman, is excited about the new partnerships. “In our business model it is absolutely key that we provide phenomenal service. When clients are sharing sentiments like this with us it is rewarding on one hand, but also a motivator for us to continue to push ahead and improve even more.

“We are equally excited with our growth.” Hoffman continued, “The golfer and member adoption we have seen in apps has grown in leaps and bounds the last couple years.  

“Courses are seeing incredible retention rates, and we have seen six-figure numbers in revenue direct through the app to the course in many instances. We have seen the apps in these clubs become the complete HUB for all communications and content between the courses and the members/golfers/customers for all forms of communication and commerce. 

“This has been especially important to courses struggling to find staff and take care of their customers as the technology can provide aid here very much. The growth is exciting, and we genuinely feel if a club does not have this kind of presence they are soon going to be bypassed by those that do, if they aren’t already.”

With major growth in the recent months from Gallus Golf, mobile apps are breaking their way into more and more golf courses. But more importantly, than mobile apps, loyalty and communications for golf courses are becoming second nature as the game continues to grow in participants and spectators alike. 

The entire Gallus team is excited for more growth in the coming months and to be partnering with clubs around the world. Gallus Golf is expecting a very busy selling season near the end of this year and into 2022. With app launch times also at the quickest rate in the last three years, the time is perfect for clubs to launch their own.

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