Guests can select individual elements to create a fully customized program best-suited for their activities and interests 

LANAI CITY, Hawaii (Oct. 21, 2018) – With so many exciting activities, visitors to Lanai often want to ensure they don’t miss out on a single adventure, choosing from ocean, land and air experiences during their stay.

The ohana at Hawanawana Spa make ‘doing it all’ a breeze, with the introduction of a series of activity-tailored massage treatments and wellness classes designed to aid recovery and rejuvenation so you can tick another can’t-miss excursion off your list.

Guests can choose a curated Zen Sports Wellness experience or select individual elements to create a fully customized program best-suited for their activities and interests.  Each experience includes the following:

Private yoga and meditation classes – players can be vulnerable to aches, pains, injuries, stiffness, or cluttered mind – all of which can dampen your game and drain enjoyment out of the activity. Our sports-specific wellness classes will teach valuable yoga postures and meditation methods that will help you to tap into your personal power, find balance and strength, and enhance both mental and physical performance in any game or sport.

Sports Massage, which targets and relieves the most repetitive patterns of stress and strain in well-played bodies and helps to speed recovery, prevent injury, and prepare the body for peak performance.

Activity – Choose from golf lessons on the gorgeous Jack Nicklaus Manele Golf Course, tennis lessons in our Tennis Gardens or a guided horseback ride through wooded hills in upcountry Lanai.

Zen Golf Wellness

Get in the zone when you’re back on the green.  Combines mind, body and skill with a Back-in-the-Swing Sports Massage (focuses on areas that golfers stress frequently such as the feet, legs, hips, back, torso, shoulders and hands), a 30-minute Golf Lesson with one of our PGA Pros on the award-winning Manele Golf Course, and a combo 60-minute Zen Golf Yoga class and 30-minute Zen Golf Meditation class with one of our resident yogis (sunrise class taught from the epically scenic 18th green).

Raise your game on the courts.  Featuring a Bounce-Back Sports Massage (focuses on muscles and joints impacted while playing on the courts such as feet, legs, hips, back, arms and shoulders), a combo 60-minute Zen Tennis Yoga Class and 30-minute Zen Tennis Meditation class with one of our resident yogis, a 60-minute lesson with Tennis Pro Ryan Winters and a complimentary copy of Peter Burwash’s “Tennis for Life”.  Follow this easy instruction from the founder of the #1 tennis management company in the world, and the coach behind the success of Serena Williams and over 3 million tennis players.

Zen Horse Wellness

Take to the trails and whisper with the horses. Experience a two-hour private afternoon guided horseback ride with Zen Horse Sunset Yoga to follow, an experience selected as Best in Show by the 2018 International Spa Association (ISPA) Innovate Awards. Reconnect mind, body and heart to the natural world with outdoor yoga and a shared-space experience in the horses’ home environment, on a dedicated platform at the Stables.  Includes round trip transport (60 minutes) to the Lanai Ranch at Koele.  Add on a Back-in-the-Saddle Sports Massage to relieve soreness in thighs, hips and along the back and spine.

Shaw Coté, Spa Director at Hawanawana Spa explains, “Our sports massages are designed to maximize an active lifestyle or to elevate play at the golf course, tennis court, or out on the trails.  We particularly focus on easing inflammation, improving blood flow and reducing muscle tightness, so our guests can complement their enjoyment taking advantage of our diverse activities with nurturing care to enhance their stay.”

To further aid recovery, guests can enhance their 90-minute massages with complimentary L.E.D. Red Light Therapy which helps compromised cells regenerate.  Based on NASA research, the Celluma Series by BioPhotas delivers blue, red and near-infrared light energy to safely address a wide variety of musculoskeletal and dermatological conditions. Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules which act as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes and can result in decreased inflammation, increased micro-circulation and collagen production, speeding cellular healing.  Along with the treatment of muscle and joint pain, muscle and joint stiffness, muscle tissue tension, muscle spasm, arthritis and compromised local blood circulation FDA-cleared indications-for-use also include peri-orbital and full-face wrinkles as well as acne.

For an increasing number of athletes, yoga has proven helpful as it improves flexibility and balance, builds muscle strength and encourages healthy joints and cartilage for better range of motion and power. There are also many mental benefits, including an increased ability to focus.

In each private yoga session, guests will partake of a full range of easy-to-access exercises, always tailored to the students’ specific sport of choice and fitness level, such one “static” exercise to build strength; one “moving” exercise to build flexibility and agility; and one breathing technique to help focus the mind or increase energy.  Additionally, guests will receive three take-away suggestions/yoga activities that they can do at home to stay at the top of their game.

Will Donnelly, Yoga Instructor at Four Seasons Resort Lanai, describes a Zen Golf Yoga class, “It may include static postures such as yoga mudra and eagle arms to help relieve tension in the shoulders and upper chest, and allow for a more fluid swing, as well as seated spinal twists, perfect for strengthening the torso and spine, and encouraging the smoothing out of any imbalances caused by golf swings. Finally, an easy-to-do breathing tip/technique will be offered to help the student ground and center before each swing.”

Situated on Lanai’s southern coast, the AAA Five Diamond Four Seasons Resort Lanai offers a gateway to an unspoiled, exotic paradise.  Guests can explore the 90,000-acre island with a range of land, ocean and air activities, many managed by Four Seasons, such as horseback riding, snorkel sails, clay shooting, tennis, golf and much more.

The Resort features 213 guestrooms and suites, multiple dining experiences such as ONE FORTY restaurant, NOBU LANAI and Malibu Farm, spa and wellness, a complimentary activity program and more. Enjoy unspoiled Hawaii on a resort with its own island to explore.  For more information, or to make a reservation, contact your travel professional, visit



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