The company’s latest app leverages delivers real-time on-course shot-performance details

SAN DIEGO, California (July 29, 2020) – In its continued mission to offer players more and better performance data wherever their game takes them, Foresight Sports has launched a new smart-phone app that delivers real-time on-course shot analytics – without the use of a launch monitor.

Called Fore, the company’s new Apple and Android platform-based app was developed in partnership with German-based development firm Tourbrassie GmbH. 

Using a patented Automatic Shot Detection (ASD) technology, the Foreapp leverages the built-in GPS and accelerometer in smartphones and smartwatches to translate player position and motion into an accurate depiction of shot results. 

Combined with a database of over 40,000 mapped courses, players equipped with the Fore app can now get real-time shot analytics and save them to their personal cloud-based dashboard for immediate review, editing, or sharing.

According to the company’s Brand Manager, Todd Wente, Foresight Sports’ development of products such as the Fore™ app speaks to the tech firm’s continued mission – and ability – to deliver innovative, best-in-class products directly to the everyday golfer and sports consumer.

“We may be known for our launch monitors and simulators, but Foresight Sports is far more than that. Our team is committed to one goal – to innovate new and exciting products for the golf and sports consumer, and to show this broader audience the performance and entertainment value we can deliver. With Fore, players can now get an amazing level of game performance insight with nothing more than the technology inside their cell phone. And this is just a small preview of the solutions we’re currently developing for the golf and sports markets.”

The new Fore app, which is available on both iTunes and Google Play, is a free download. Users can enjoy full access to their data for an initial trial period before selecting either a monthly ($7.99) or yearly ($59.99) subscription option.

In response to the Coronavirus, for a limited time Foresight Sports has extended the free trial period on the yearly subscription from 30 to 60 days.

Some of the Fore apps key unique features are listed here:

  • Automatic Shot Detection (ASD) technology that tracks the player’s movements and automatically detects shots by analyzing the player’s motion profile.
  • A yardage book that provides precise distances to hazards, the green, and other on-course features measured from the location of the player.
  • An editable scorecard.
  • A cloud-based data storage account that allows players to instantly save their shot and game data for later review and in-depth statistical insight that includes shot length, deviation, and detailed Strokes Gained analysis like the pros receive on the PGA tour.

For more information on the new Fore app and Foresight Sports full line of products and solutions, please visit Foresight Sports online at




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