Foresight Sports, the industry leader in premium optical launch monitor and golf simulation technology, has announced a partnership with Sportsbox AI, the leader and innovator in single camera markerless 3D motion capture on a mobile phone.  

The companies will integrate Foresight’s launch monitors with Sportbox’s unique and patented 3DGolf AI technology.  The result will be the industry’s first launch monitor with integrated 3D motion capture capability.  The integrated products will be available to both golfers and instructors providing them with leading-edge data analytics including golf swing analysis, club delivery and shot launch/flight outcomes.  

This ground-breaking integration will change the way golf is learned and will include a user-friendly learning environment that will significantly enhance and expedite golfer’s learning experiences.  

The San Diego-based company will work with the team at Sportsbox AI to bring next-generation technology to the leading edge of golf instruction and club fitting by delivering software products and teaching tools to the data-driven instructor, fitter and player. 

Such a partnership is poised to be significantly disruptive, leveraging Sportsbox’s 3DGolf motion capture AI and Foresight’s industry’s leading optical launch capture system, as well as  a team of industry experts with extensive experience and accomplishments in their respective fields. 

“Foresight Sports is looking forward to working with the team at Sportsbox 3DGolf to deliver technology and analytics that drive performance applications throughout golf.  The combination of body movement analytics captured in such a user-friendly platform with our industry leading club and ball data capture should be a powerful toolset for teachers and students.  Looking at the talent and track record of both organizations, the sky’s the limit for what we can create together.” – Jon Watters, Foresight Founder, Co-President

Sportsbox AI has built and launched golf’s first ever markerless 3D swing analysis app – Sportsbox 3DGolf – using its patent-pending technology that creates full 3D motion data and visualization for the golf swing from a single video – no markers or sensors – a technology previously available only with a professional multi-camera motion capture system with markers and sensors. 

It’s currently being used by coaches in 32 countries – teaching players of all abilities including LPGA and PGA TOUR players. Its new product Sportsbox 3DPractice provides golfers of all abilities to benefit from data-driven practices with real-time feedback on each swing, keeping them on track in between lessons.  

Foresight Sports has emerged as an industry force, becoming the premium performance launch monitor leader delivering the gold standard for club and ball data.  This launch monitor technology is also used to drive the most true-to-life simulation experiences offered.  

With newly developed software to serve performance, entertainment and simulation applications, Foresight users can engage in multiple experiences from golf instruction and fitting to leagues and course simulation. 

Foresight Sports technologies leverage an advanced stereoscopic photometric capture process to drive the most accurate and precise launch monitor metrics currently available, which is why their GCQuad Launch Monitor is the most sought after launch monitor by Tour Professionals and Golf Researchers around the world. 

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be an instructor, fitter, or player in golf,” said Jeehae Lee, Sportsbox 3DGolf Founder and CEO. “We’ve had access to detailed outcome data from the ball impact and club delivery for a long time, but to combine this data with the body motion and swing data is truly a monumental step in unlocking the mysteries of the why behind the shot outcome and how we can change the things under our control (the body) to generate different or better outcomes. 

“And we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey with Foresight, the global leader in launch monitor. The power of the data, combined with the teams of world-class experts in golf, biomechanics and sport science, and AI represented in our teams and advisors, will advance the entire industry forward in a generationally meaningful way.”  

The partnership will begin with Foresight Sports Launch Monitor integration into the Sportsbox AI Mobile application, Sportsbox 3DGolf, which will be available to all Sportsbox 3DGolf and Foresight users.  Currently in development, this first integrated product is scheduled for release Q1 2023. 

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