Cox and Ireland were most recently leaders at Tagmarshal in the US region 

WALTHAM, Mass. (Aug. 2, 2021) – FAIRWAYiQ, Inc recently announced an agreement with TLC Global Solutions LLC to serve as independent sales representation in North American markets.  

Tom Cox and Jim Ireland are golf industry veterans who as a team bring to TLC Global Solutions a combined 72 years of successful golf industry experience to FAIRWAYiQ and the other premium brands that TLC represents.  Cox and Ireland were most recently leaders at Tagmarshal in the US region.

“I am thrilled to be working with TLC Global Solutions and specifically with Tom and Jim,” says Dave Vanslette, Founder and CEO of FAIRWAYiQ. “We have a shared vision to bring data analytics to the golf course to help golf course operators dial-in their golf and turf operations.” 

“Golf’s growth has only increased the need to better manage the flow of the golf course to improve the player experience and increase revenue for the operator.  Labor shortages have increased the need for technology solutions that can gap-fill resources shortages and reduce expenses.  FAIRWAYiQ has been helping private clubs, resorts and public facilities for over 6 years now.”

“FAIRWAYiQ is focused on the customer and the immediate and consistent product, performance and the customer satisfaction,” Cox said. “The company prides itself in offering industry leading technology while being easy to work with from the very first interaction with a customer and throughout the relationship. FAIRWAYiQ is proud of its ability to off 100% positive references to future customers from FairwayiQ’s extensive customer base. 

“The consistent quality of products and service satisfaction heritage is one of the primary reasons TLC Global Solutions has decided to partner with FAIRWAYiQ. FAIRWAYiQ recognizes that golf professionals and superintendents have a lot to manage, so they have created an efficient signup and onboarding process, eliminating any third party involvement that is unprecedented in the industry.”

“The application is easy to use and does not require a lot of user training,” Ireland said. “It just works and the value is delivered. If customers do need support, FAIRWAYiQ’s US-based support team is available to help on the same time zone as the customer.  This is a huge differentiator from other technology companies in the golf industry as many have off-shore customer support models.  Customers don’t want to wait for answers to their questions.”

“Customers can use online chat, Zoom, email or call us.  We are flexible to how they prefer to communicate and are fanatical about making sure they are successful in achieving their goals,” says Chuck Rogers, Customer Success at FAIRWAYiQ.




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