Company continues to push the envelope under former Coorstek executive Coors

DENVER, Colorado – Premium golf equipment manufacturer Edel Golf has been acquired by former CoorsTek executive Doug Coors. Hailing from the Coors Brewing family, his background resides in engineering physics and manufacturing processes. What stands out about Coors is his passion for golf, knowledge of the biomechanics behind the golf swing, and keen sense of club fitting processes.

Coors’ relationship with Edel Golf first started when he was asked to be a manufacturing consultant where he became familiarized with the company, its products, and fitting processes.

“I learned so much from my putter and wedge fittings that I was shocked how little the industry shared with the casual golfer,” said Coors. “There is so much to this game, and I wanted to learn everything I could. Acquiring Edel Golf has given me the platform to share what I learned.”

Coors continued, “We started with putters and a basic understanding that the best way to lower your golf score is to make more putts. To do this, you need to start the ball on the intended line with the correct speed. Our R&D Team created an industry leading putter fitting system to fit your aim overcoming individual aim bias and fit for speed control with simple weight distribution components and permutations. The results we delivered led us to further dive into the scoring improvement equation for golfers.”

Coors further described Edel Golf’s efforts.

 “We build and design golf equipment that is targeted towards assisting club fitters with the tools and knowledge needed to overcome a golfer’s delivery of the golf club to the golf ball. As with putting and aim bias, this is evident with our Swing Match System (SMS) technology with wedges and irons where a simple adjustment in the weight of the clubhead can influence a golfer’s clubhead path and face angle for tighter dispersion and increased distance.”

Due to increasing consumer demand and sales growth domestically and internationally, Coors expanded Edel Golf in Denver with an all-new headquarters and assembly facility in December 2022.

“Doug’s leadership has been instrumental for our company, team, and growth,” said Rocky Hansler, COO for Edel Golf. “We like to say that we are a company of golfers for golfers. With Doug, not only is he extremely knowledgeable, humble, and honest, but he is one of the most passionate golfers I know. With his guidance, our focus is on delivering premium fitted golf products that lower a golfer’s score versus marketing claims.”

With Coors at the helm, Edel Golf is positioned to lean on his leadership and expertise to further scale operations and help more golfers lower their scores.

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