AI-fueled product offers insight into club operations to drive improved efficiency

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Clubessential last month launched its premier private club industry business intelligence solution, Club Intelligence, an AI-fueled product offering that generates visualizations and insights to create personalized dashboards for improved operational efficiencies. 

Club Intelligence provides access to real-time data across operations to clubs for on-the-go visibility via mobile devices as well as desktop capabilities. Powered with interactive widgets that enable drill-down functionality for further analysis, Club Intelligence is fully integrated into Clubessential’s robust reporting capabilities to increase ease of use and provide greater convenience with built-in analytics by department and by role. 

“This product will be a great add-on to simplify data for an easy, at-a-glance view of operations for every department,” said Apawamis Club Director of Communications Shawn Rowley. 

With the Club Intelligence solution, clubs will be empowered to identify and track critical business KPIs, predict future values based on historical data, define thresholds and get alerts when anomalies are detected, and consolidate data from throughout the club into one centralized reporting tool. 

“As we continue to drive innovation across the industry, we’re most excited about our use of AI in the Club Intelligence offering. Because we continue to move into an era shaped largely by artificial intelligence, it’s important we innovate at a pace that provides the private club industry with technology that benefits their operations and their members,” said Clubessential President Scott Strong.

For more information about the Club Intelligence product, visit Clubessential Club Intelligence


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