Research from one of America’s golf advice platforms has revealed that golfers from California are the most likely to get a hole-in-one

(Nov. 19. 2020) – Californians have been named the most talented (or luckiest) golfers, after a study of nearly 30,000 hole-in-ones revealed which Americans were most likely to get an ace, based on where they’re from. 

The study, conducted by TheLeftRough, looked into which Americans had scored the most hole-in-ones and ranked them based on which State they reside. California came out on top, with 2,515 hole-in-ones, followed by Florida (2,199) and Michigan (1,351).

The five states where the most talented (or luckiest) golfers live, and the number of hole-in-ones each state has recorded since 1999, are as follows:

  1. California – 2,515
  2. Florida – 2,199
  3. Michigan – 1,351
  4. Texas – 1,150
  5. New York – 1,093

A full breakdown of the study, and the complete top ten can be found here: 

When looking at which club golfers had used to score their hole-in-one, the 7-iron was revealed as the most commonly used club, with 2,938 hole-in-ones. An 8-iron and a 6-iron rounded off the top three, with 2,819 and 2,350 hole-in-ones, respectively.

The research also delved into which hole receives the most hole-in-ones, and discovered that the eighth hole was the most common, with 2,701 aces. The third (2,422) and seventh (2,180) holes came second and third. 

TheLeftRough is one of America’s leading golf advice platforms, focusing on providing golfers with expert insight into the best equipment, practice techniques, and drills. The site prides itself on providing high quality advice relevant to all golfers, from experienced members of the community looking to buy a new set of clubs, to beginners looking for guidance on striking the ball.

Charlie Parsons, founder of TheLeftRough, said: “As any golfer will know, hitting a hole-in-one is a once in a lifetime achievement – unless you’re Norman Manley, an amateur golfer with 59 hole-in-ones attributed to him, who interestingly was also from California.

“It’s interesting to see Californians hitting so many hole-in-ones – especially when it’s nearly 500 more than any other State – you have to wonder what training they’re doing out there on the West Coast. We’re planning to make this research a recurring thing, so that we can track how hole-in-ones in the US are changing – who knows, maybe Florida will surpass California this time next year.”


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