HARBOR SPRINGS, Michigan – BOYNE Golf in scenic Northern Michigan, one of North America’s largest golf and resort destinations, is proud to announce that construction is underway on a Ray Hearn-designed 9-hole short course and an adjacent Himalayan-style putting course near its Main Lodge at The Highlands resort property.

This fun, ultra-inclusive short course design, the 11th course at the Northern Michigan based resort, represents a piece of BOYNE Golf’s long-term vision to meet the resort’s growth needs by developing several short courses at its various locations nationwide. 

Golf’s blossoming popularity over the past few years has brought experienced golfers out more often, brought back many who have left the game, and attracted many newcomers. As a result, many popular golf destinations around North America have introduced upscale short courses, to complement the championship courses already on property.

“Short courses have been gaining in popularity since they increase the opportunities to enjoy the game for everyone. Non-golfers and families can enjoy it as an activity while avid golfers can play few more holes without playing another 18, since fun is paramount to the experience,” says Josh Richter, Senior Vice-President of Golf Operations for Boyne Resorts. 

“The new short course at The Highlands will add an entirely new dimension to our portfolio. We have plans to build short courses at our other facilities in upcoming years, as well.”

Hearn, a renowned Michigan golf course architect, was a natural fit to work with BOYNE Golf teams on the design for this new golf experience. Over the past several years, he has worked closely with BOYNE Golf and developed a trust modernizing its classic course designs while respecting the original architect’s philosophy and making them more enjoyable golf experiences.

“Designing and building the short course with Stephen Kircher, Bernie Friedrich, Furness Golf and the BOYNE team has been an exciting project to be a part of and it will be fun to watch all the varying skill levels of golfers having fun playing the game on this unique course built into the side of the ski hill,” said Hearn. 

“My favorite part of the project are the famous approximate green complexes I was able to create. Drawing inspiration from some of my favorite greens in Scotland, Ireland, and America (Eden, Punch Bowl, Short, Redan, Reverse Redan, Partial Volcano, Steep Slope, Postage Stamp, and Biarritz) that I have played and studied over the years. 

“I was able to create fun, ‘kinda-sorta’ scaled-down versions of the originals and route them along the ski slope with uphill, downhill, and sidehill holes creating some thrilling golf shots.”

This new yet-to-be-named short course will be lit for nighttime rounds and is located on the site of the former Cuff Links nine-hole par-3 course. It’s designed to first and foremost be fun and allow golfers of all levels to enjoy the experience. Each golfer can determine the level of challenge that suits them for that round. The course will feature downhill, flat, uphill and sidehill fairway lies, generally moving horizontally back and forth across the slope.

Two to three fairway options are available for each hole. Shorter-length options offer fewer hazards in the line of play and longer options offer more hazards and strategic risks.

Additionally, there will be only two heights of grass (green and fairway) surrounded by a sparse fescue secondary rough grass. The greens will feature a slight flavor of some of Hearn’s favorite greens from the British Isles. All skill levels will enjoy playing this course.

Likewise, the new Himalayan-style, nine-hole putting course is being designed to be fun for golf-a-holics and non-golfers alike. The undulations will challenge and entertain all ages in a relaxed setting. The correct “aiming point” will often not be the straightest.

Construction on the new short course began in mid-July and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2023. The planned course opening will be in the spring of 2024.

 Learn more at BOYNEGolf.com.


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