OAKBROOK TERRACE, Illinois – What’s your Dad’s favorite color? The answer to that question could provide the answer to another annual question – what to get Dad for Father’s Day.

Zero Friction, the company known for delivering cutting edge products to golf enthusiasts of all skill levels, comes to the rescue with a collection of colorful, high-quality golf products that add personality to his game.

“Colorful golf balls and gloves can add a fun and personalized touch to Dad’s golf game,” said Zero Friction Founder and President John Iacono. “The golf balls can also be easier to spot on the course.”

Consider a dozen golf balls (available in six neon colors and white), a compression- fit golf glove (available in ten solid colors and three camo prints) or a package of performance tees (a variety of colors and lengths available) – all in his favorite color – for as little as $6.99.

If you want to get him a bit of everything, the Spectra Supertube is the way to go.  This bundle includes all his favorite Zero Friction golf accessories conveniently packaged in one convenient tube – a compression-fit glove, three spectra matte finish golf balls and 10 ZFT Maxx 2 ¾” 3-prong tees. Best of all, it’s available in six cool neon colors (neon lime, neon red, neon orange, neon fuchsia, neon white and neon yellow).

If your budget is a higher, Zero Friction produced two bags for the golfer who wants a little more.

The Wheel Pro Pushcart Golf Bag is a three-in-one, multi-functional golf. The design allows you to use the bag three ways; 1) push or pull cart 2) a carry stand bag or 3) with use on a motor cart. What makes the bag even more unique is that it offers you the ability to easily remove the wheels and store them within the provided nylon bag for cleanliness. When you are ready to use the wheels again you can easily, within seconds, place them back on the bag.

Earlier this year, Zero Friction unveiled the Wheel Pro STRIDE golf bag, a first of its kind light weight, autonomous electric golf bag packed with tons of features for today’s golfer.

“It is like having your own private caddy that can essentially travel anywhere in the world with you,” said Iacono. “Everything you need is included on the STRIDE bag, and it even follows you around the golf course.”

Weighing 15 pounds, STRIDE includes a remote using Smart Follow Technology, and a built in intelligent gyroscopic control system for stability, speed control and soft start. The bag is able to handle all terrain including steep uphill slopes and tall grass.

Other features include: a battery life of 36 to 45 holes, average speed of 3 mph (max. 5 mph), an autobrake system and a smart gearbox.  Plus, the STRIDE bag has plenty of room, including 14 club dividers, two waterproof pockets, two towel/accessory rings, an umbrella holder, and a built-in cooler which can hold up to six cans; as well as two invisible magnets to secure your rangefinder and Bluetooth speaker.

The bag is available in black or gray. The quick release 10-inch all terrain wheels allow easy storage. 

“The most important thing is to show your dad how much you care and appreciate him on Father’s Day,” said Iacono. 

For more information on Zero Friction, see the 2023 Zero Friction catalog, visit www.zerofriction.com


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