CHARLESTON, South Carolina  – The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), the trade association dedicated exclusively to golf course ownership and operations, is pleased to announce its latest golf industry partnership with the United States Golf Association (USGA). Through this partnership, the USGA will offer research, education and solutions related to agronomy and on-course golf experience to NGCOA members.

The USGA and NGCOA have a long history of collaboration to grow and advance the game, share expertise and advocate for golf’s future. As national leading golf organizations, they have partnered to help golf course owners and operators with best practices and tools that reduce critical resources, improve efficiency and manage operation costs. 

Among their cooperative efforts is the USGA’s latest research and work to improve the on-course golfer experience, which the NGCOA will help introduce to thousands of courses throughout America.

Through their joint work, the USGA and NGCOA will focus on golfer engagement and retention by improving the experience of everyday players. Recent growth in the recreational game following the pandemic has opened opportunities to increase enjoyment, improve playing conditions and better regulate pace of play by employing new cost-effective tools.

“The USGA has a long and storied history of protecting and advancing the game of golf,” said Jay Karen, NGCOA’s chief executive officer. “What many people don’t know is how much work in recent years they have put into critical thinking and services for the golf facility. A deeper partnership with NGCOA is a natural step, as we continue to face serious challenges and unexploited opportunities at golf courses nationwide.”

“For more than 100 years, the USGA Green Section has invested in research and education to help golf courses provide better playing conditions,” said USGA CEO Mike Whan. “Looking ahead, we will accelerate our support in critical areas such as golfer experience, water and labor, which are significant issues for golf facilities. This relationship allows us to work more closely with the NGCOA to help course operators provide more enjoyable rounds to golfers around the country.”

Most recently, the USGA sponsored NGCOA’s new 2022 Golf Business Pulse Report; as part of this latest agreement, the USGA will continue its sponsorship of NGCOA events, as well as inform NGCOA members on agronomic issues through educational content contributions to the Golf Business WEEKLY newsletter and Golf Business Podcasts. 

The USGA will also support NGCOA’s growing group of Top Agronomic Officers (TAOs), including becoming the official Research Sponsor of the TAO group by taking an active role in NGCOA’s two annual TAO meetings. USGA will also be added to the list of “NGCOA Executive Partners.”

NGCOA members can sign up for a free subscription to the USGA Green Section Record, and receive discounts on agronomic consulting, GPS Service and the association’s Deacon data platform through the NGCOA-USGA Smart Buy Program.

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