WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – OVC Financial, LLC is proud to announce that it recently purchased  GolfTrainingAids.com – which sells the world’s largest selection of golf teaching and training aids. 

Founded by renowned Hall of Fame golf instructor Dr. Gary Wiren, the company is now guided by Golf Training Aids’ new President, John Diulus, who announced plans to grow the business and create content and outreach that makes training aids more accessible and attractive to golfers.

“It started with a desire to invest in e-commerce businesses,” says Diulus, a longtime cruise line executive who was so impressed with GolfTrainingAids.com’s business model, he recommended the acquisition. “We immediately identified golf training aids as a market we wanted to invest in. The business is a very fragmented marketplace and we saw an opportunity to be the largest aggregator of training aids, providing golfers and golf professionals with a one-stop shop for anything and everything pertaining to golf training products.”

Diulus says the company will continue to invest in content – including video content – to help golfers understand how products can be used to improve their game. The goal is to create a marketplace where all golfers can go to find the proper products to improve their games. 

Founded and previously owned by Dr. Wiren and his son Dane, GolfTrainingAids.com has been in the training aids business for more than 30 years – providing consumers and golf professionals with trusted advice on the best available products. Dr. Wiren remains involved in an advisory capacity, while Dane is General Manager and is instrumental in identifying new products for the curated marketplace.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the new ownership’s vision for growing the GolfTrainingAids.com audience and customer base by utilizing their marketing expertise and making the concept of practicing with proper feedback more practical and relatable to more golfers,” says Dane Wiren.

“Through decades of partnerships with top instructors and product developers and Dr. Gary Wiren’s expert guidance, we’ve become the leading source for game improvement products. We’re excited to grow into an even more indispensable and trusted brand for golfers.”

From this point on, “we will implement a customer product review program,” says Diulus. “Our top sellers are new products like the Divot Board and products with a long-proven track record, like Dr. Wiren’s Impact Bag. With respect to categories, the top category is indoor putting mats, which prompted us to create our own putting mat product, Home-Putt by golftrainingaids.com.”

For products to even get to the site, they must pass the test of the company’s technical experts, have a reliable supply chain, and be priced right.

The company will also tap its deep training aid product experience, marketing expertise and capital availability to help inventors develop new training aids and bring them to market. And there’s also an ambassador program with golf instructors. 

“We’re really excited about its potential,” says Wiren. “There are 60,000 teaching professionals in the U.S., most of whom use training aids to teach their students. The ambassador program gives them an opportunity to promote training aid products and earn a commission on every referral. Golf instruction is growing rapidly, both in person and online. 

“Golf is a visual sport, and the use of training aids is vital to teaching. We’re assisting some of the top teaching pros in their training programs. If they’re part of our ambassador program, they can improve the economics of their training programs.”

For more information, visit GolfTrainingAids.com.

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