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The Clicgear Model 8 safely chaperones your clubs around the course with a wide-bodied stability that turns your focus where it needs to be -- your game.


If golf push carts have an equivalent to the Humvee, the Clicgear Model 8 is a clear frontrunner. This well-designed 4-wheeler securely chaperones your precious golf clubs around the course with a muscular and wide-bodied stability that turns your focus where it needs to be. Having full control over your equipment can only help you do the same with your game.

The Model 8 is the latest push cart iteration from Clicgear. It was designed based on requests and input from its devoted customer base. Along with the four wheels, its primary engineering breakthrough is what Clicgear refers to as 4XFOLD. (Product marketers love to uppercase letters.) The golfer friendly technology allows all four wheels to fold, allowing the cart to easily collapse into a surprisingly tight package that can be easily toted and stored. That can be great news if your transportation to the course is a SmartCar or a Mini Cooper and not a Humvee.

The Model 8 can be quickly assembled and disassembled in the parking lot in mere seconds. No worries on being one of those golfers seen fumbling with their carts in the parking lot like it’s a Christmas Eve assembly project gone wrong.

The Clicgear Model 8 features sporty-looking airless and maintenance-free tires. There are no wobbling tires on this cart. If desired, a dual front wheel adjustment feature can force the cart into a straight line with the turn of a single screw.

Walking 18 holes is exceptional exercise, but few golfers want to amp it up a notch by chasing after their expensive sticks on a runaway cart. The Model 8 provides dual front brakes that can are easily controlled by a single hand lever. Maneuver up and down hilly layouts with full control with its extra long and sturdy wheelbase.

Additional features include an oversized console with magnetic locking to hold your scorecard, tees, cell phone, car keys, cigars or a ham sandwich. The Clicgear Model 8 also has you covered with two cup holders, an umbrella holder and additional accessory tabs to secure range finders, shoe cleaners or whatever else you might need to be on top of your game. 

Did I mention that the Model 8 is also stylish? Its sleek and durable frame comes in several color choices, ranging from subdued charcoal and silver, to red and even lime for the more flamboyant.

If strolling the golf course is your preferred mode – cheers for you! – strongly consider this cart as your dependable and non-judgmental walking partner.

In the world of push carts, the Clicgear Model 8 is anything but pedestrian.

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