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Mizuno's new MP-T5 wedge technology provides every advantage to stick it closer.


Amateur golfers should consider taking a flying leap onto Luke Donald’s bandwagon. The Englishman Donald, regarded as one of golf’s best wedge players, has provided his insights into the design of Mizuno’s new MP-T5 wedges. Donald has skillfully wielded Mizuno’s wedges for at least a decade.

While mimicking the club choices of top players is no guarantee of game improvement, it is an intelligent path to consider.

Mizuno markets the benefits of its “Grain Flow Forging” method of wedge production. The claim decoded basically means that the clubhead is manufactured from a single carbon steel billet. This allows the flow of the metal’s grain – not dissimilar to the grain in wood – to continuously flow from the heel to the toe. This process is deemed to provide better strength, a truer vibration and better feel. For golfing machinists and materials engineers wanting more, an in-depth video on Mizuno’s forging methods can be found with a YouTube search.

The MP-T5’s softer grained feel is combined with its Quad Cut Grooves technology. This process, in the words of Mizuno, enables them to “precisely control the width, depth, draft angle and shoulder radius of each groove to deliver maximum spin control and ball-stopping ability in all playing conditions.”

The Quad Cut Grooves are cut with a narrower and deeper configuration on its wedges with lofts from 49-53 degrees. The higher lofted wedges (54-62 degrees) come with a wider and shallower groove, which promotes a softer grab off the face and a quicker stopping ball on the green.

For golfer’s seeking the ultimate edge, the MP-T5 meets the maximum surface roughness allowed by the United States Golf Association.

The Mizuno MP-T5 is anything but a one-size-fits-all wedge. It is available in 25 different combinations of loft and bounce, with five different sole grinds to choose from for discriminating golfers.

The MP-T5 is available in white satin and black ion finishes and comes standard with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Wedge flex shaft. Custom shafts are available.

Mizuno cannot guarantee the results of Luke Donald, but the latest technology and options incorporated into its MP-T5 wedge can assist every golfer in grooving an improved short game.

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