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Callaway’s Speed Regime radar is the training-aid ticket to faster swing speeds.


Anyone ever pulled over and ticketed by a law enforcement officer for driving too fast may not put their faith in speed radar. Surely it was an erroneous speedometer in need of calibration that led to the fine. The policeman with the handcuffs and Taser must have mistakenly pointed the radar gun at a leaf falling from a tree; a lead foot surely could not have been the culprit.

While speed radar may mean an expensive ticket and short-term stress disorder in some capacities, it is the friend of the golfer – unless rushing late to a tee time.

Callaway’s Speed Regime is a radar game-improvement system that encourages golfers to move at their quickest pace.

Knowing your true swing speed is an important component in your golf game for several reasons.

First, it is critical to have an accurate speed reading to choose the correct shafts for your clubs. Fast swing speeds with shafts that are too flexible can lead to snap hooks; slow swing speeds with shafts too stiff are akin to hitting the ball with a rigid plank.      

Second, a faster swing speed – combined with solid contact – is also the catalyst for a more powerful golf game. Every mile per hour gained in swing speed translates to approximately 2 to 2.5 additional yards down the fairway. Increase your swing speed by 5 to 10 mph and the simple math works in your favor in distance gained.

The Callaway Speed Regime radar device is placed a foot or so outside of your golf ball. Based on your selection, it can measure clubhead speed as it passes through the hitting zone or ball speed as it leaves the clubface. It records your speed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. The range of the Speed Regime is from 40 to 175 mph, leaving plenty of top-end wiggle room for Bubba Watson (125 mph average) if he purchases a unit. 

Upon taking a swing, the speed is flashed on a large LED. A voice option on the device also can “speak” your speed if that is your preference.

Another valuable feature of the Speed Regime is that it records and saves your prior 10 speed readings so that you can gauge your improvement during a practice session.

If you have a need for speed, better it’s brought to your attention by the Callaway Speed Regime than the man or woman standing on that Thin Blue Line.

Find the Callaway Speed Regime at www.golftech.com.

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