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Adams Tight Lies fairway woods and hybrids allow golfers to easily recover from uncompromising positions.


You don’t need to be a CNBC junkie to know that when a company purchases a competitor, the name of the company consumed is quickly dropped and long forgotten.

You do know that line about dogs eating other dogs.

Exceptions are made, however, when the associated quality and name recognition of the acquired business has exceptional value all on its own.

Many readers may still not be aware that Adams Golf was acquired by TaylorMade in a transaction that took place in 2012. Adams is so well known for its easy-to-hit, game-improvement clubs – primarily its fairway clubs – that TaylorMade astutely left many things alone after the procurement. Adams may now be a subsidiary of the TaylorMade mother ship (itself inside the Adidas galaxy), but Adams still forges on under the standard of its established and respected brand.

The most recent club releases by TaylorMade, er, Adams, are their Tight Lies fairway woods and first-ever hybrid that feature the company’s newest iteration of their slot technology. These fifth-generation clubs are still easily recognizable by the Tight Lies distinctive head shape, which appears upside down in comparison to competitors in the market. The unique shape and low-profile design produce a lower center of gravity and resulting higher ball flight. The Adams’ tri-level sole also reduces surface friction for better performance out of the most challenging lies.

The prior slot technology on the Tight Lies meant clearly visible indentations on the sole (bottom) and crown (top) just behind the clubface. The purpose of the slots was to allow the clubface more flex, which transferred additional energy to the ball.

The newest Adams release incorporates its so-named Ghost Slot Technology. While these clubs can play like impressive demons, what the hard-to-decipher terminology means is that the once previously visible slots are now hidden. The game-improving technology still exists, and has been enhanced, while being more aesthetically pleasing to the eye; golfers are now less apt to get spooked while addressing the ball. The crown slot is invisible (without close inspection) and additionally reduces stress on the clubface while generating a higher launch and more ball speed than its predecessors.

Also new for 2015 is the Tight Lies Titanium fairway wood with a brazed titanium clubface and a high-density steel sole plate. According to Adams, the titanium amplifies the club’s rebound effect to levels similar to that of a driver. That translates to more distance. The club comes standard with a Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara Eagle Series shaft. Tight Lies Titanium is available in lofts of 13.5° (except left-handed club), 15° and 18°.

Tight Lies stainless steel fairway woods and hybrids come with stock KuroKage graphite shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon. The Tight Lies fairway wood is available in lofts of 14.5°, 16°, 19° and 22°. The Tight Lies Hybrid will be available in lofts of 17°, 19°, 21°, 23° and 26°. Left-handed models are available with fewer loft options.

Adams may no longer be its own entity, but it remains singular in its recognition for easy-to-hit fairway clubs.

Find the latest in Adams Tight Lies clubs at www.golfclubs.com.

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