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Here's the gist: The Garmin Approach S6 is a powerful golf ally on your wrist.


If George Jetson played golf in his time off from work at Spacely Space Sprockets, he surely would have had the Garmin Approach S6 strapped to his wrist.

The animated “The Jetsons” series from the 1960s highlighted futuristic technology – most that has not yet come to pass unless you fly to work and drop your passengers off in tubes, or have a robotic maid to keep house (a Roomba doesn’t count).

What the Hanna-Barbera creators of “The Jetsons” a half century ago did not foresee was a powerful computer the size of a half-dollar coin that pulled in wireless signals from geosynchronous satellites orbiting the earth that could improve golf games.

That was too far-fetched of an idea.

But that’s exactly what the S6 is and does. It’s marketers have slyly positioned the device as “wearable intelligence.”

With the potent microprocessor fastened on the arm, golfers can utilize the S6 to navigate their way around 38,000-plus golf courses across the world. The S6 provides a full color hole-by-hole course view, including location of traps, doglegs and water hazards, as well as green shapes and pin positions. Its Touch Targeting feature allows you to touch the face of the display to get precise yardages on the hole from that exact point.

It is an insult to call the Garmin Approach S6 a watch, though the menial task of providing adjusted Greenwich Mean Time is among its numerous features.

Additional golf-related capabilities include the PinPointer technology, which shows the location of the pin even when hitting blinds shots from behind trees and over hills. (Of course, if you are mean-spirited, you can still ask one of your playing partners to line up the shot direction for you by standing on top of the hill as a target while waving their arms.)

David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon not on your speed dial? Then rely on the S6 for some levels of game improvement.

The SwingTempo feature measures the separate timings of your backswing and downswing, and then provides feedback via audible tones to improve your rhythm; achieve an ideal ratio of 3:1 (backswing three times slower than the downswing) and your playing partners may confuse your relaxed and syrupy swing with that of Ernie Els.

The S6 additionally allows golfers to keep a digital scorecard — no stubby, green, eraser-less pencil needed here – and to track statistics. There is also an odometer to measure foot mileage and a round timer to help keep up with pace of play.

A Smart Notification feature lets you pair your S6 and iPhone to receive texts and e-mails.

Just don’t act too shocked if, with your newly acquired golf tech savvy, you find a message in your Inbox from a George Jetson.

Find the Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch at www.golftech.com.

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